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Galinus Centre for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation has modern well-maintained premises with lots of natural light and calm area. We have well experienced and trained staffs to serve you. We provide Physiotherapy services to patients of all ages who suffer from movement dysfunction, limitations of range of motion as well as activities of daily living. Our commitment is to assist patients who have a diminished quality of life by using state of the art proven treatment in the diagnosis and treatment of our patients. We use a comprehensive and collaborative approach from the beginning to the end utilizing all the resources available at our Centre.

offering hope & comfort

Since it started, Galinus center for physiotherapy & rehabilitation has acquired a reputation for being a pioneering organization in many ways, constantly striving to provide welcoming and efficient medical care. Healthcare is the main concern of our generation “Health is wealth, without health wealth is useless”

Best Wishes
Ismail Al Naiser
General Manager

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality rehabilitation services to ensure that each patient achieves the maximum functional recovery from disabilities, independence and quality of life.

Our Vision

To lead the field as the most effective and compassionate provider of rehabilitation by practicing innovative treatment, pioneering research and inspiring education.


    MOHAMMED SAALY Medical Director

    Mohammed Saaly is a DHA licensed Qualified physiotherapist with practical training over 10 plus years of experience in physiotherapy sector in various hospitals and rehabilitation centers in UAE and abroad.

  • Rathika Rajan
    Rathika Rajan Physiotherapist

    Rathika Rajan, is a DHA licensed Qualified physiotherapist graduated from Dr M.G.R medical university, Coimbatore, India in the year 2013. Since then she has worked in India in Hospital & Rehabilitation Center.

  • Noha Abdou Hessan Ahmed
    Noha Abdou Hessan Ahmed Physiotherapist

    Noha Abdou Hessan Ahmed is a DHA licensed qualified physiotherapist graduated from Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt in the year 2013. Since then she has worked in Egypt in Hospital & Medical center.